James Richard Vardy is a professional striker playing for Leicester City. Under coach Claudio Rannieri, Vardy has become one of threatening strikers in Premier League. He has scored 16 goals so far and this has made him one of the top scorers in English Premiere League. Here is more complete biography of Jamie Vardy.
Name: Jamie Vardy
Club: Leicester City
Position: Penyerang
Date of Birth: January 11th 1987
Nationality: British
Jamie Vardy’s career:
In his first season playing for Leicester City, Vardy was still trying to find his feet. He started to boost his career in the second season by scoring 16 goals, which earned Leicester City a victory in the League so it could play in the Premier League this year.
Now, everyone knows who Vardy is and what he has done in the Premier League. He is the so-called from Nothing to Something icon. He career is rocketing now and his club has been in the top position of English Premier League, which is something The Foxes would never imagine before.

Jamie Vardy's Photos :

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