Name: Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich

Date of Birth: December 17, 1975

Place of Birth: Kiev, Ukrainian SSR, USSR [now Ukraine]

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Height:1.73 m

Occupation(s): Actress, model, fashion designer, musician, singer

Father: Bogdan Jovovich

Mother: Galina Jovovich

Brother: Marco Jovovich

  • Shawn Andrews (1992)
  • Luc Besson (1997-1999)
  • Paul W. S. Anderson (2009)

  • Ever Gabo
  • Dashiel Edan



1.  Films:

  • 1988 Two Moon Junction as Samantha Delongpre
  • 1991 Return to the Blue Lagoon as Lilli Hargrave
  • 1992 Kuffs as Maya Carlton
  • 1992 Chaplin as Mildred Harris
  • 1993 Dazed and Confused as Michelle Burroughs
  • 1997 The Fifth Element as Leeloo de Sabat
  • 1998 He Got Game as Dakota Burns
  • 1999 The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc as Joan of Arc
  • 2000 The Claim as Lucia
  • 2000 The Million Dollar Hotel as Eloise
  • 2001 Zoolander as Katinka Ingabogovinanana
  • 2002 Resident Evil as Alice / Janus Prospero
  • 2002 You Stupid Man as Nadine
  • 2003 Dummy as Fangora "Fanny" Gurkel
  • 2003 No Good Deed as Erin
  • 2004 Resident Evil: Apocalypse as Alice / Janus Prospero
  • 2005 Gore Vidal's Caligula as Julia Drusilla
  • 2006 Ultraviolet as Violet Song Jat Shariff
  • 2006 .45 as Kat
  • 2007 Resident Evil: Extinction as Alice / Janus Prospero
  • 2008 Palermo Shooting as Herself
  • 2009 A Perfect Getaway as Cydney Anderson
  • 2009 The Fourth Kind as Dr. Abigail "Abbey" Tyler
  • 2010 Stone as Lucetta Creeson
  • 2010 Resident Evil: Afterlife as Alice / Janus Prospero
  • 2010 Dirty Girl  as Sue-Ann Edmondston
  • 2011 Lucky Trouble  as Nadya
  • 2011 Bringing Up Bobby as Olive
  • 2011 The Three Musketeers as Milady de Winter
  • 2011 Faces in the Crowd  as Anna Marchant
  • 2012 Resident Evil: Retribution as Alice / Janus Prospero
  • 2014 Cymbeline as The Queen
  • 2015 Survivor as Kate Abbott
  • 2015 A Warrior's Tail as Savva (Voice onlyfil)
  • 2016 Zoolander No. 2 as Katinka Ingabogovinanana
  • 2016 Resident Evil: The Final Chapter as Alice / Janus Prospero

2.  Televisions

  • 1988 The Night Train to Kathmandu as Lily McLeod
  • 1988 Paradise as Katie
  • 1989 Married... with Children as Yvette
  • 1990 Parker Lewis Can't Lose as Robin Fecknowitz
  • 2002 King of the Hill as Serena Shaw
  • 2009 Project Runway as Herself

    Milla Jovovich is a Ukrainian actress, model and singer who began her film and modelling career at a young age. She landed her first magazine cover at the age of 11 posing for "Lei", an Italian fashion magazine. Beforehand, she appeared in a Revlon  advertisement of "Most Unforgettable Women in the World". In films, she rose to fame after starring as a military agent named Alice in the “Resident Evil” (2002) games- based series. Her role continued in the follow-up films released in 2004, 2007, 2010, 2012, and 2016.

    Here are some facts about Milla Jovovich that you need to know:

    1. When Milla Jovovich was five, her parents immigrated to London because of some political reasons and subsequently moved to Sacramento, California. Seven months later, they settled in Los Angeles. 
    2. She was educated at Excelsior High School.
    3. She is a multilingual. Not only English, she can also speak fluent Russian, Serbian and French.
    4. Her father was a Serbian doctor while her mom was a Russian actress.
    5. She made a breakthrough at the age of 15 when playing in "The Fifth Element"(1997), a French science-fiction film written and directed by Luc Besson.
    6. She has represented a number of world brands such as "L'Oréal" cosmetics, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan and Ann Taylor.
    7. She is also a song writer who has released numerous recordings such as "Gentleman who fell" (1994, "Electric Sky" (2012), etc.
    8.  As a fashion designer, she cooperated with model Carmen Hawk creating a clothing line "Jojovich-Hawk".
    9. Her first marriage with Shawn Andrews in 1992 has ended in annulment just a few months later.
    10. She enjoys cooking and travelling.
    11. She loves pink.
    12. Jovovich was mentioned as one of the most powerful celebrity according to Forbes magazine's list of Top 100 Celebrity in 2003 .
    13. Despite being a left-handed person, She plays the guitar and shoots with her right hand. 
    14. She is trained in different kinds of martial arts such as Kung Fu, Wu Shu, Taekwondo, Thigh-Boxing and Brazilian Ju Jitsu. No wonder if she is called as the martial arts queen. 
    15. She did most of the stunts in Resident Evil herself. 

    Photos of Milla Jvovich: