Name               : Charles Otto Puth Jr.
Date of Birth   : December 2nd 1991
Place of birth   : Rumson, New Jersey, USA
Citizenship      : The US
Father               : Charles Puth
Mother             : Debra Puth
Siblings            : Stephen (brother), Mikaela (sister)

Charlie Puth gained a wider recognition after his duet single with Wiz Khalifa, "See You Again" (2015). Here are some surprising facts about Charlie Puth:

  1. About Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth was born as Charles Otto Puth Jr. in New Jersey, USA on December 2nd 1991. He is a
Sagittarius man.

  1. Popularity
Charlie Puth started to gain his popularity after uploading a video of him covering a hit song Someone like You in YouTube.

  1. Cover Youtube
Like other cover singers, Charlie Puth has covered many hit songs from famous singers such as Pink, Adele, Bruno Mars, Sia, One Direction, etc.

  1. Still 4 years old.
Charlie Puth began learning to play the piano when he was just four years old. His mom was the one taught him to do so.

  1. Independent album for 5000 copies
In 2010, Charlie Puth released his independent album entitled The Otto Tunes and was sold for 5000 copies. Isn’t it amazing for an independent album?

  1. Full ride scholarship
Charlie Puth has always been a smart cookie and musically gifted. He studied Music Production & Engineering in Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship.

  1. A great songwriter
Besides having a perfect pitch as a singer, Charlie is a great song writer. He wrote and performed with Whiz Khalifa on the song See You Again. He also collaborated with Meghan Trainor on the hit song entitled Marvin Gaye. Both of his singles have won many awards and peaked at music charts in many different countries. See You Again was nominated for three Grammy Awards and peaked at number one on the Hot 100 chart for 12 non-consecutive weeks while Marvin Gaye has been certified two Platinums in Australia, topped the charts in New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK, and peaked at number 21 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

  1. Only 11 minutes
Charlie Puth is a hella smart. It took only 11 minutes for him to write See You Again lyrics.

  1. Emotionally attached
Charlie got really emotionally attached when writing the lyrics of See You Again. He took the inspiration from a friend of him who died in a car accident. 

  1. Distinctive eyebrow
Talking about Charlie Puth’s distinctive eyebrow, we might think he shaved it. Well, he didn’t. He got attacked by a dog when he was two. The attack was so serious that it left a permanent scar on his eyebrow from the stitches. Many people think the eyebrow give him character. 

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