Name: Daphne Keen Fernández

Date of Birth: 2005

Height: 1.22 m

Occupation: Actress

Father: Will Keen

Facebook: @DafneKeen

Twitter: @dafnekeen 

  • 2014     The Refugees as Ana "Ani" Cruz Oliver   
  • 2017     Logan as Laura
Dafne Keen aka Daphne Keen Fernández aka Sienna Novikov is a child actress who will play in The Wolverine sequel ‘Logan’ which will be released in 2017. She stars ‘Laura Kinney’, X-23, a mysterious young girl who is the female clone of 'Logan'. She was born in 2015 and is the daughter of actor Will Keen. ‘Logan’ is her second acting debut. Before that, she was seen in BBC drama, ‘The Refugees’ (2014), which only ran eight episodes and was produced in Spain and the U.K. She portrayed Ana Cruz Oliver, a little girl in the Cruz family who traveled to the present to escape from an imminent global disaster.
Before starting her acting career, Dafne Keen was a Gymnast who was trained in Planet Gymnastics in Mobile, Alabama and had won silver in a regional beam championship and gold in a 2014 regional bar championship.
Because she is a new child actress, Dafne Keen doesn’t have any Instagram account. She only has Facebook and twitter accounts with only 50 likes and 120 followers.

Photos of Dafne Keen:

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